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Orchard Points are grown in off-bottom cages, in the waters near the mouth of the Chester River in the Upper Bay Region.  The unique mineral content of the watershed and hard bottom imparts a soft brine flavor, with a buttery & sweet melon-sunchoke umami finish.  These conditions allow the subtle minerality and sweet cream flavor to be transparent, rather than masked.  In addition, the grow-out area is rich in aquatic grasses which oxidize the water and ensure the oysters have a clean, fresh supply of food.  The water qualities also limit bio-fouling, so the shells are consistently pearly white and free of critters.  They require little to no cleaning!    


A premium oyster raised sustainably on Maryland's Eastern Shore...

Sweet, delicate flavor

Deep cup, plump meats

Sustainably grown, always fresh

We tumble our oysters in small batches to promote a deep, consistent shell cup. We tumble every oyster once/month during spring and summer months; more than other farmed oysters! This strengthens their shells to make shucking a breeze - they have enough shell density to be hinge or bill shucked. Since we are a small operation, our crop sizes are smaller to promote quality and each oyster is handled by hand. Orchard Points take two years to reach market size and have a firm, plump meat.  We grow them to custom size depending on the client. Perfect for eating raw or cooked!

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Orchard Points contribute directly to the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay.  As filter feeders, each adult oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day.  Crabs, fish and all other bay species benefit from the farm habitat and we only harvest what we plant. Wherever we can, we employ human power to reduce our carbon footprint.  Each Orchard Point is harvested to order and served fresh.  They have been disease-tested and received a completely clean bill of health.  Orchard Points can be enjoyed year round.

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