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Oysters are a keystone species in the Chesapeake Bay.  Each mature Orchard Point can filter up to 50 gallons of Chesapeake Bay water a day.  They require zero food inputs, or chemicals; they, like other farmed shellfish, are the most sustainably farmed protein on earth!  By removing excess nutrients from the water column, Orchard Points create water clarity.  This promotes Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) growth on the bottom and in the water column.  SAVs are essential for all bay species as a food source, habitat and source of oxygen.  By enjoying Orchard Points, you are personally improving the Chesapeake Bay!  

The wild Chesapeake Bay oyster population has had a rough go of it - first overharvesting and then disease.  By raising Orchard Points, we ease the stress on wild populations, allowing them to come back and restore the Bay.  All Orchard Point shells consumed at restaurants are collected and returned to the Bay in reef form.  These reefs provide a 3D structure for wild oysters, further filtering the Bay and providing habitat for crabs, fish, and other Bay species. These reefs even remove carbon from the water & air and sequester it in their shells!